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How ironic the way a young woman's thoughts & attitudes change. We spend so many years - decades, perhaps - preoccupied by controlling...

My Garden of Gratitude

It is Spring time. And I am planting my garden of gratitude. This is not a new or original concept. But I am being very intentional with...

Too Much?

Anticipating St. Patrick's Day, I bought my daughter a cute headband with some flat shamrocks and subtle sequins. Nothing too much. After...

New Year, (re)New You

For some, the notion of "New Year, New You" will resonate. And then, by all means, I cheer your transformation on! For others, like me,...

The Dimmer Switch

We all know that the holidays can be filled with mixed emotions. Time with family can bring about lots of joy, but sometimes also other...

Find the Funny

I didn't know I had lost it. Or that I needed it so badly. 2021 was NOT a fun year. In general, I think most would agree. The pandemic...

"In body" a little more

A gavel can embody the essence of the law; a stethoscope, medicine. Symbols. These inanimate physical objects can create a feeling when...

The Fluidity of Stillness

I do things on my own terms, that are in alignment with my values, my conscience, my inner compass. I always have. My early career was...

I am My Own C-Suite

I have always had this visceral reaction to the notion of the C-suite. On the one hand, I have wanted a seat there, seemingly where the...

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