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Foggy Waters


Guidance & Inspiration

I help physicians learn to embrace the beautiful space between the world of medicine and the way we CHOOSE to show up in it.

Dr. Weil is available for virtual and limited in-person speaking engagements on a variety of topics in the physician wellness space.  In her previous work doing peer-to-peer support, as well as founding & leading her former organization's Clinician Wellness Committee, Dr. Weil has a long-standing interest in this area.  Recent talks include Intellect Meets Intuition™, The Power of Words, and an experiential program called Feeling Into Your Vision: An Intuitive Vision Board Workshop.

Caring for ourselves is not a privilege - it is a right and a necessity - not only as doctors - but as HUMANS - who are also deserving of of our own love and kindness.

Let's speak.

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