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New Year, (re)New You

For some, the notion of "New Year, New You" will resonate. And then, by all means, I cheer your transformation on! For others, like me, the sentiment will not land and

so I like to think of it as New Year, (re)New You.

Each year we see articles and TV segments about "New Year, New You"...

And I often then wonder, do I need to be a new me?

Am I not good enough as I am?

Am I so flawed that I must try each December 31st

to come up with a plan to create a whole new person?

A better, different me?

It always left me feeling kind of icky and

never really embracing the idea of resolutions and all the New Year's hubbub.

And maybe that's why they never stuck.

This past year has been one of many challenges and one of enormous opportunities.

The more things changed in my life,

the more intentional I became in both my thoughts and actions.

I have reconnected to who I am and what drives me.

And so as New Year's Eve and those resolutions are here,

I have chosen to think about it a little differently this year.

It is a natural time for us to pause and reflect on the end of one year

and the beginning of the next.

Reflect on possibilities.

Perhaps it is the perfect time to consider what it might feel like

to renew my relationship - with myself.

To reconnect with my inner joy.

To listen to what dreams and desires lie close to my heart.

To allow my intuition to be heard and guide me.

To reprioritize my feelings - both the physical and the emotional - and value them.

To show myself the same profound kindness and compassion I freely give to others.

To do all things with love.

New Year, (re)New You.

Renew yourself somehow. However you need.

Renewal or reconnection may look or feel differently to each of us.

Talk a walk. A rest.

Read a book for fun.

Rediscover your passions and hobbies.

Journal. Dance or paint or learn to be still.

Catch up with a friend.

Maybe the friend is yourself.

However you choose to renew you, do so with love.

With compassion.

With intention.

Here's to a renewed you in 2022.

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